Amid the tropical rainforest of Manu National Park and its buffer zone sit our accommodation grounds, six bungalows, and 18 triple Tambo Bedrooms .
Simple, rustic, yet sophisticated, inspired with Amazonic architecture that respects pristine rainforest, farm-to-table exquisite cuisine, and well-appointed accommodations come together to offer an experience like no other. Each room or bungalow suite is beautifully situated in the rainforest and offers breathtaking views from outdoors at our lodge.  Eco-friendly soap, shampoo, and conditioner are available in each room, as well as hot water, and mosquito netting.


Offering all the space and ventilation only available under a common roof, the Tambo Bedrooms are designed one next to another for an easy-going stay.

Organized by single, double and triple bedrooms, these rooms can be arranged according to party request.  Practical for a long stay, and suitable for large parties, the Tambo Bedrooms offer comfort from within.


Our bungalows feature an individual ambiance containing a queen size bed, private bathroom, plus an individual deck equipped with a hammock .

Large windows and an open space that lead-up to high roofs that provide ample air circulation.

One of the really attractive and unique parts of the bungalows is the lush private garden just off the bed, smoothing the transition of the rainforest outside, yet keeping you protected from heat or any weather conditions. 


Often referred as the ‘comedor’, the main dining room offers sufficient space to relax before or after each excursion. Blend into nature, by laying on the hammocks with an incomparable view of the hummingbirds hanging around the flowers.

Ideal for reading a book, meeting fellow travelers or even to spend time with friends or family around the couch, the dining room is the place to be social when on lodge grounds.

The use of wi-fi is cost-free thus bare in mind we are in the middle-of-nowhere. We strongly urge our visitors to keep wi-fi use wisely.  Avoid downloading or heavy-content web-sites. 

All food and beverages that are not included within your 3 day meals are considered extra.  You may make use of any product within the Menu through our touch-free payment for any transaction at the bar.

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