While all cat species are normally very cryptic and hard to see, there is always the chance to see one, and in order to improve your chances to see one, we have make this blog explaining the different species and where, when and how to search for them.


Given that the Jaguar is the biggest cat in the Americas, and third in the world, there is no doubt that this is the king of the Amazon Rainforest. Big, strong, and easily recognizable due to its unique spot pattern, this is actually the easiest cat to see. Hardly seen on the trails, most of the sightings are made while travelling through the river, as these cats like to take sunbaths in the beaches. Over the last couple years, several of our groups have witnessed a Jaguar hunting for macaws in the Blanquillo Clay-lick! The best time to see them is early in the morning, especially just after a ‘friaje’ (cold winters from Patagonia) have passed through.


Among the different cats found in Tambo Blanquillo, the Cougar (locally known as ‘Puma’) has to be the rarest and most cryptic. This is the second biggest cat in the Amazon, and it is easily identifiable due to its uniform beige color, and big size. Hardly seen on beaches, it is sometimes seen in the trails, specially at dawn and dusk. Remember that if you wish to maximize your chances of seeing wildlife while hiking through the forest, avoid any kind of conversation and minimize any noises you make while walking (watch your step!)

This blog was meant to give you an introduction to the big cats of the Amazon Rainforest. Next month we will do a similar blog introducing the 4 small cat species that call Tambo Blanquillo Lodge home! If you wish to have the opportunity ( we can’t guarantee anything) to see this, as well as an array of other amazing natural spectacles, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will make sure you have the trip of a life time!

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