1. Gramping: We prize multi-generation parties with a significant discount. If you are a senior explorer travelling with grandchildren, obtain a 25% discount (up to 2 grandparents, with a minimum of 2 grandchildren) above ages 10.

2.  Open Departure Party: If you wish to share itinerary and transportation with a third party, get 10% discount on any program of choice.

3. Child’s Preferential Rate: Reserve a program of your choice (from Manu Express or Manu Pure Adventure) and get 50% off per traveler for children ranging ages 10-15.

4. Share your footage and win- Fixed on the quantity and quality of your wildlife footage, obtain partial, half or win a full program of your choice with full flexibility on reservation dates.

5. Reserve Now Travel Later: Use our latest New Booking Policy by booking your program of preference with a minimum deposit, making use of it 3 years from your original reservation date, no questions asked.

TamboFLEX: NEW Flexible Booking Policy

Holidays Must Not Be Complicated When the Right Help Works


We are introducing our brand new Flexible Booking Policy TAMBOFLEX which allows you to delay your holiday and transfer your deposit paid to another date of your choice within 24 months of your original holiday start date, completely free of charge with no hidden costs and no questions asked.

Whether you are booking your first or second holiday with us, we completely understand you might be feeling uneasy and worried about travelling to the Amazon for this coming season because of the unknown situation linked to Covid– 19.  TAMBOFLEX is our direct response to give you reassurance and flexibility when booking with Tambo Blanquillo Private Amazon Reserve going forwards.

TAMBOFLEX Up-front Deposit 
– How does it work?

TAMBOFLEX allows you to change your booking date with Tambo Blanquillo Private Amazon Reserve – to another date of your choice – summer or winter within 24 months of your original holiday start date. 

This means your deposit is completely transferrable to another date (or 3rd party individuals) of your choice with no additional fees to pay. 

With TAMBOFLEX as long as you notify us before the final balance payment deadline, which is 10 weeks before your holiday date, we are happy to transfer your total amount of deposit paid to another date or 3rd party/individuals of your choice.

All we ask is that once you have decided to FLEX, you contact us with your new holiday date request immediately or names and personal information, in case you wish to transfer your deposit to a third party no questions asked. Any changes to your holiday dates must be made to us in writing. 

TAMBOFLEX will apply to all new reservations made for holidays that start from January 2021.



Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many times can I change my booking?
TamboFlex entitles you to make 1 free-of-charge date amendment to your original booking. Once you have used your free Flex amendment, you cannot change dates again.

Q: Is there a time limit within which I can rebook after I change my original booking?
TamboFlex requires that you must take your holiday within 24 months of your original holiday start date.

Q: Can I have a refund of my deposit – I want to cancel my booking altogether?
Should you decide to completely cancel your holiday with us our standard terms and conditions apply in that your deposit is non refundable. We can only offer you alternative dates within 24 months of your original holiday start date, transference of your deposit to a third party/individual or extend your Flex to TamboFlex Ultimate, extending 24 more months to make use during the date of your interest.

Q: How long do I have to notify Tambo Blanquillo Private Amazon Reserve of a date change to my holiday once I have decided to Flex?
Make sure you let us know up to 2 weeks before your arrival date. At this point you must notify us immediately of your new holiday dates at the time of amendment.

TamboFlex does not apply once you have entered the 2 weeks final balance payment period. At this point you are obliged to pay for your holiday in full. Should you then decide not to come on your holiday, our usual Terms and Conditions (*) will apply which means there will be no refund or transfer of holiday dates offered.

Please see our standard Cancellation Terms and Conditions on your booking form which outline this in more detail.

Loyalty Along With Freedom: Backbone of the Spirit of the New Travel & Booking Your Visit With Us

As these challenging times progress, for the first time in several weeks migratory patterns have notably shifted, with some barriers reopening instead of closing.  This pandemic is teaching us all several lessons, especially for us- role players within the travel & destination industry-, such as prioritizing our relationships by prepared for any given scenario and getting an even closer channel of communication with our customers, staff & suppliers.

In this direction, we have restructured new pillars into our company’s culture, making it a vital part of our organization with a tradition offering unique wildlife Amazon experiences beyond product expectations.  Remember Holidays must not be complicated when the right help works.


We are convinced that through a direct channel of open, and constant communication, any barrier is resolvable.


We have opened a new hotline, already available at our website. This direct line allows any traveler from around the globe to reach-out to any of our travel experts (regardless time-zone difference) at any time free-of-charge, and always available to listen very carefully to any request along the process.


Incorporated virtual platforms (Zoom, Google Meet, & WhatsApp video) to serve as a foundation of generating real-time communication with our customers during these shifting times.

Utilize contactless + voice activation


As much as we value our clients, we hold as accountable our team staff as our first line-of defense.  In this respect, we keep as main priority flexible-enough policies that can be rescheduled, transferred (to a third-party), and even refunded (no questions asked), without jeopardizing key positions that are the essence of what holds our company’s operations, tradition and culture.




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