1. Gramping: We prize multi-generation parties with a significant discount. If you are a senior explorer travelling with grandchildren, obtain a 25% discount (up to 2 grandparents, with a minimum of 2 grandchildren) above ages 10.

2.  Open Departure Party: If you wish to share itinerary and transportation with a third party, get 10% discount on any program of choice.

3. Child’s Preferential Rate: Reserve a program of your choice (from Manu Express or Manu Pure Adventure) and get 50% off per traveler for children ranging ages 10-15.

4. Share your footage and win- Fixed on the quantity and quality of your wildlife footage, obtain partial, half or win a full program of your choice with full flexibility on reservation dates.

5. Reserve Now Travel Later: Use our latest New Booking Policy by booking your program of preference with a minimum deposit, making use of it 3 years from your original reservation date, no questions asked.

TamboFLEX: NEW Flexible Booking Policy

Holidays Must Not Be Complicated When the Right Help Works


We are introducing our brand new Flexible Booking Policy TAMBOFLEX which allows you to delay your holiday and transfer your deposit paid to another date of your choice within 24 months of your original holiday start date, completely free of charge with no hidden costs and no questions asked.

Whether you are booking your first or second holiday with us, we completely understand you might be feeling uneasy and worried about travelling to the Amazon for this coming season because of the unknown situation linked to Covid– 19.  TAMBOFLEX is our direct response to give you reassurance and flexibility when booking with Tambo Blanquillo Private Amazon Reserve going forwards.

TAMBOFLEX Up-front Deposit 
– How does it work?

TAMBOFLEX allows you to change your booking date with Tambo Blanquillo Private Amazon Reserve – to another date of your choice – summer or winter within 24 months of your original holiday start date. 

This means your deposit is completely transferrable to another date (or 3rd party individuals) of your choice with no additional fees to pay. 

With TAMBOFLEX as long as you notify us before the final balance payment deadline, which is 10 weeks before your holiday date, we are happy to transfer your total amount of deposit paid to another date or 3rd party/individuals of your choice.

All we ask is that once you have decided to FLEX, you contact us with your new holiday date request immediately or names and personal information, in case you wish to transfer your deposit to a third party no questions asked. Any changes to your holiday dates must be made to us in writing. 

TAMBOFLEX will apply to all new reservations made for holidays that start from January 2021.



Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many times can I change my booking?
TamboFlex entitles you to make 1 free-of-charge date amendment to your original booking. Once you have used your free Flex amendment, you cannot change dates again.

Q: Is there a time limit within which I can rebook after I change my original booking?
TamboFlex requires that you must take your holiday within 24 months of your original holiday start date.

Q: Can I have a refund of my deposit – I want to cancel my booking altogether?
Should you decide to completely cancel your holiday with us our standard terms and conditions apply in that your deposit is non refundable. We can only offer you alternative dates within 24 months of your original holiday start date, transference of your deposit to a third party/individual or extend your Flex to TamboFlex Ultimate, extending 24 more months to make use during the date of your interest.

Q: How long do I have to notify Tambo Blanquillo Private Amazon Reserve of a date change to my holiday once I have decided to Flex?
Make sure you let us know up to 2 weeks before your arrival date. At this point you must notify us immediately of your new holiday dates at the time of amendment.

TamboFlex does not apply once you have entered the 2 weeks final balance payment period. At this point you are obliged to pay for your holiday in full. Should you then decide not to come on your holiday, our usual Terms and Conditions (*) will apply which means there will be no refund or transfer of holiday dates offered.

Please see our standard Cancellation Terms and Conditions on your booking form which outline this in more detail.

1. What kind of weather should I expect in Tambo Blanquillo?

Mostly hot and humid, between 22° C (71.6 F°) and 30° C (80 F°). There are a lot of sunny days but this is the Amazon basin and rain is unpredictable even during the dry season (April-November). It’s not unusual that also during this season a drop in temperature called “friaje” occurs in three or four day’s patterns. This phenomenon is unpredictable and it’s due to cold winds that come from Patagonia, Argentina.

2. What kind of clothing should I wear while at Tambo Blanquillo?

The weather in the Amazon Rainforest is very hot and wet. We highly recommend you invest in some durable waterproof and breathable fabric. Below is a list of the clothing items we recommend you to take on your journey with us.

Rubber boots – Can be bought cheaply at the CUZ or PEM street-markets. Especially for the rainy season (December-April). Trekking boots we found very useful for walking on lodge grounds plus a spare pair of trainers or crocs can be perfectly suitable too.

It is essential that the clothes (including nightwear) you take are quick dry and high wicking, otherwise they absorb water and remain damp throughout your stay. You will find very useful to bring the following:

– Regular waterproof hiking shoes (a must)

– T-shirts: Long or short sleeve (it’s wise to try to avoid packing white color fabric : this can frighten wildlife, especially birds (insect repellent type long-sleeves are perfect but a bit warm)

– Long sleeve light shirt to wear opened on top of short sleeve T shirts. Old cotton dress shirts are perfect

– Light long pants (insect repellent are perfect) we don’t recommend shorts or bermudas

– Light and foldable windbreaker (if possible water-proof in case of rain)

– Socks (insect repellent are the best but long sport socks will work fine)

– A good torch is essential for early mornings and evening walks in the jungle, specially a head hold light

– Hat or cap if possible with ear flaps (A must)

– Bandana or neck protection

– Sunglasses

– A light winter jacket or turtle neck in case of “friaje” (See Q&A #1).

– Insect repellent time release sweat proof type. Sawyers is our favorite with low deet contents. These also contain a repellent containing a deet-free formulae called PICARDIN.

LAUNDRY: Enjoy every minute of your time at TB.  Housekeeping Staff is more than willing to do your laundry for free. Even during rainy weather, our personnel will have a jean dry up in four hours max.

We have a big sauna-like custom-crafted dryer that works with driftwood and can function at any time there is something to dry. We just ask you to tip the person accordingly. Of course, don’t expect any ironing, just plain old time folding is perfect and will help you feel more comfortable for these purposes.

Notice:  Don’t do your laundry in the showers or lavatories, you will have a real mess afterwards, your clothes will still be dirty and add to that; angry roommates and staff.


3. Do I need to take Malaria pills, or get vaccinated against Yellow Fever?

This is not mandatory, but you can if it will make you feel comfortable. However, we can say that we haven’t had a case of either Malaria or Yellow Fever since we established the Private Reserve over 20 year ago. The main reason is that Manu is not a densely populated area. Towns and even local villages are very far apart and mosquitos don’t travel that far and also have a very short life span.
4. How many bags should I take?

One bag per person is recommended, due to space availability in our boats. However, you can bring another bag and/or backpack with you, for personal items and camera equipment. We highly recommend the use of water resistant and heavy duty duffle-bags. If you require extra space for camera, lenses or other specialized equipment, please let us know before-hand in order to accommodate best. This is a viable option depending on space and availability.
5. Why don’t we accept kids younger than 10?

At Tambo Blanquillo, we take pride in not having had a single serious emergency or accidents since we established in the area. Due to the high curiosity levels and little danger-awareness of most kids, we don’t accept them in the Lodge if they are younger than 10 years, as accidents are prone to happen.

Recent information disclosed by researchers indicate that the skins of nonnative infants below ten years old exude odors that attract mosquitoes if introduced to an area where normally there is the presence of these insects and make most of the repellents almost useless including the ones that contain deet.
* Remember that according to our Special Offers, you can have a Kid Preferential Rate for youngsters between 10 and 15 years old. This means they will only pay 50% from the normal rate for the program and dates of your interest.

6. Why do we recommend being flexible with the start date of your programs?

By being flexible with the start date of your trip, we might be able to pair you with another party.  By allowing you to share the boat, and guide for your itinerary you will allow us the chance to give you the lowest price possible. This is mostly important for groups of three, two and one pax.
7. What happens if I want to stay less or more days?

We do not recommend traveling for less than four days due to high transportation and fixed costs plus a very poor return for your money regarding fulfilled expectations. Yes, you and/or your group can stay for more days and do the same attractions as many times as you wish and also our trails. Just let us know to give you a quote on the customization of you program
8. Why do we ask you to sign a Liability Waiver?

You are aware that the programs that we operate are about no ordinary tours to a zoo or park attractions. Set within a highly unpredictable environment as the Amazon, inherent risks are involved that can’t be predicted or forecasted in advance. First aid assistance, safety protocols and evacuation procedures are covered by us, but we can’t cover all the costs that an unfortunate accident might cause to our clients.

We think that it’s reasonable that clients have their own health and accident insurance.

Besides the liability waiver we place more emphasis into our client’s judgment and awareness guidelines of our guides, staff and also signs posted in the lodge and in our trails and facilities.
9. Why do we recommend finishing your trip in Puerto Maldonado?

The journey from Tambo Blanquillo to Puerto Maldonado is much closer than the one that leads to Cusco, and after a few days in the jungle we guarantee that you will be happy but quite exhausted. A 10 hours journey up the Andes on your way to Cusco is not as nice as it might sound, especially if you have done that route on your way into the Amazon.
10. Which planes should I take? Which Flight Schedules do you recommend?

Please make sure you check your arrival and departure dates and time from pick-off and drop-off for your reservation.
11. How do I get a quote for a sample itinerary or a custom made-one?

Surfing our website (https://www.tamboblanquillo.com) and getting in contact with one of our Travel Experts is easy and quick. Just click on the tab that says Contact Us, fill-in the form and we will give you an estimated quote ASAP (Timing can vary depending on the complexity of the requested itinerary). Remember we also arrange custom-fit programs according to your available time and special interests.

12. Payment Method?

Our two payment methods are the following:

Bank wire transfer is the one we prefer for its low cost to both parties. Just make sure that the exact amount gets to our account and no intermediate transfer fees are taken from the amount quoted for your program. In case you want to perform a Wire Transfer, our Bank information is the following:
1.International Bank Transfer Information:

NOTE: Our bank usually charges us $24.00 for each deposit as a handling fee. This amount will be covered by us only once. We will honor other fees including intermediary banks used in the payment process.

Bank / Banco: Banco de Credito del Perú
Address / Dirección: Calle Centenario #156, La Molina, Lima, Perú
SWIFT Code / Código Swift: BCPLPEPL
Beneficiary / Beneficiario: Tambo Blanquillo SAC
RUC: 20527011711
Account Number / Número de cuenta: 194-1712473-1-16
Address / Dirección: Parcela 4, Sector Blanquillo, Margen derecho Río Madre de Dios, Madre de Dios, Manu Perú.

2. VISA payment option

If you prefer to choose a payment through your VISA card please let us know to give you a Link that has already included the amount you should pay (with no possible error) and you should only fill-in your personal data and that card in acceptance.

13. What resources would you recommend for Wildlife in Peru
There is not a single guide that will help you learn about all the different wildlife species in the Amazon Rainforest. If you are specially interested in Birds, please see Q&A #14 below.

For mammals, the best resource is the Handbook called “Neotropical Rainforest Mammals: A Field Guide ”, which can be found on Amazon.com.  As for ‘herps’, the best guide is “Reptiles and Amphibians of the Amazon: An Ecotourist s Guide ”, which can be found in Amazon.com also.


14. What resources would you recommend for Birds in Peru?

Thankfully, when it comes to Birds, there is a single guide that contains all of the species found in Perú, the Field Guide called “Birds of Peru ́” by Thomas S. Shulenberg from Princeton Field Guides Editorial. This Field Guide can be found on Amazon. If you decide to purchase it somewhere else, please make sure you are getting the updated version, as there were several revisions in the first version.

15. Tipping/Gratuities in Tambo Blanquillo

Is it mandatory to tip in Peru?

Please bear in mind that in Peru there is no obligation to Tip, but it’s customary to do so in the leisure business, especially if you spend time with the provider of the service.

You will have one guide throughout the whole trip. However you might have more than one driver throughout your trip, depending on your itinerary. The most important staff members that will be pertinent to show your full gratitude are the boat drivers (you will expend more time with them). Tip accordingly.

How much should we tip?

This depends on how you enjoyed the trip, and how you assess the effort put by the staff to make sure you had a great time.

We recommend the following:

• USD50 per person, to the guide. In its equivalent (exchange rate of the date) in Peruvian soles.

• USD50 per person, to the entire Kitchen and Room Staff. In its equivalent (exchange rate of the date) in Peruvian soles.

• USD50 per person, for the boat drivers and porters. In its equivalent (exchange rate of the date) in Peruvian soles.

How to proceed:

The best way to tip is to talk to your guide the night before leaving the premises, so he can arrange the Kitchen, Room, Ground, and Boat staff to be present. In the case of the Guide, we recommend you wait until the last point of the tour (the airport, your hotel, or a previously discussed destination).

Please, if you wish to tip someone more than the rest, we recommend you do this privately. 


16. Paying inside the Tambo Blanquillo premises

Tambo Blanquillo offers a small souvenir shop and also a bar.

The Bar offers a variety of National cold beers, national and international wines, and the best Pisco Sours east of the Andes. At the moment, we do accept in-situ payments through credit or debit cards and also payment by cash when purchasing in the bar, and this needs to be done in Soles (S/.). Please, keep in mind that we might not have change if you pay with large bills (S/.100 and S/. 200).

We recommend our visitors to bring around S/.350 in bills of S/50, S/20, S/10. This should cover all the extra expenses for an average tourist inside our Lodge.

If you are spending soles at our Bar, don’t you dare to miss Leandro’s Pisco Sours, especially after an exciting and long day, while enjoying the Sunset from our Balcony. They are extremely good, proceed with caution.

17. Deposit Schedule and Cancelation Policy: Deposit Schedule: First 50% upfront of total amount for confirmation and reservation of the program and dates of departure and arrival. Second 50% 90 days before departure date. We will recognize only US$24.00 as bank fees from our bank on time. The excess will be covered by the client, specially in several bank transfers and most specially if other banks intervene during the transaction.

Cancelation Policy:

90 days prior to scheduled departure date: full refund of deposit made (minus bank transfer cost and/or Credit Card Fees).

60 days prior to the scheduled departure date 50% refund of deposit made. 45 days prior to the scheduled departure date: no refund will be made.

18. Water Bottles and Cutlery:

From the date TB will dispense treated, filtered to be served from bulk. We will no longer provide individual plastic bottles to travelers.

This means ALL passengers must bring their own water dispenser containers or canteens, and will be responsible for the cleaning of these to avoid sanitary problems.

We have been criticized for using plastic cutlery for box lunch, so we are doing our best 
to avoid food items that require the use of these.

We use plastic cutlery because they are the lightest and easiest to transport. All our plastic cutlery is recycled properly after use.

19. Possible options for solo travelers:

1. Make your trip a private party/fixed departure date with all included custom-fit for you, paying only 50% more than the regular rate for 2 pax

2. Create a Fixed Departure Date for your time/program of interest, let other travelers join your open party. The advantage is in case other people join you, you will get a proportional discount (via reimbursement) according to the amount of people that will join your fixed departure. Of course, you have to make the down payment immediately so we can publish your election as a fixed departure. (*) You still can cancel and ask for reimbursement 90 days prior to your departure. See section # 17 of our Q&A document traveler guide included.

3. Join an existing Open Departure date/group in case your date/program of interest align with our fixed departure dates.  (*) No reimbursement will be made if there aren’t third parties joining your date/ program of interest

Loyalty Along With Freedom: Backbone of the Spirit of the New Travel & Booking Your Visit With Us

As these challenging times progress, for the first time in several weeks migratory patterns have notably shifted, with some barriers reopening instead of closing.  This pandemic is teaching us all several lessons, especially for us- role players within the travel & destination industry-, such as prioritizing our relationships by prepared for any given scenario and getting an even closer channel of communication with our customers, staff & suppliers.

In this direction, we have restructured new pillars into our company’s culture, making it a vital part of our organization with a tradition offering unique wildlife Amazon experiences beyond product expectations.  Remember Holidays must not be complicated when the right help works.


We are convinced that through a direct channel of open, and constant communication, any barrier is resolvable.


We have opened a new hotline, already available at our website. This direct line allows any traveler from around the globe to reach-out to any of our travel experts (regardless time-zone difference) at any time free-of-charge, and always available to listen very carefully to any request along the process.


Incorporated virtual platforms (Zoom, Google Meet, & WhatsApp video) to serve as a foundation of generating real-time communication with our customers during these shifting times.

Utilize contactless + voice activation


As much as we value our clients, we hold as accountable our team staff as our first line-of defense.  In this respect, we keep as main priority flexible-enough policies that can be rescheduled, transferred (to a third-party), and even refunded (no questions asked), without jeopardizing key positions that are the essence of what holds our company’s operations, tradition and culture.




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