At Tambo Blanquillo Private Nature Reserve, we have started to implement certain changes within our installations in order to accommodate handicap tourists comfortably.

Until now, our handicap guests had many limitations in making full-day activities within the daily excursions described within our itineraries.
Fully charged, electric tricycle battery may last hours during heavy-duty performance even under harsh weather conditions.

Aside from wheelchairs, the lodge has implemented eco-friendly (solar charged) electric tricycles, that will serve our handicap public with full comfort and safety.  With the possibility of renting it for a full day at extra US$ 100.00, these vehicles are ideal for trail traversing. 
Easy to use, safe (equipped with protection paddings plus a helmet), and with low sound emission, the tricycle can be used by any guest willing to join a group or guide at any expedition without frightening wildlife.

Wooden modifications at oxbow docks have shown ideal solution to board catamarans.

New modifications like ramps and bridge adaptations to allow the free movement of these tricycles will aid this new transport medium when boarding the catamarans used to navigate our oxbow lakes, as well as the chance to permit easy access to our bird and mammal claylicks.
We are still working on a mechanism to be implemented in the future, of adapting a crane, adjacent to the staircase, in order to lift a handicap traveler without any problems towards the top of the observation tower’s platform. Now there won’t be any barrier that will limit anyone willing to discover the magic found at Tambo Blanquillo Private Nature Reserve.

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