Tambo Blanquillo Lodge is a private reserve that is blessed with having 3 Oxbows Lakes within its limits, and having the Madre de Dios River flowing through the middle of the reserve. These previously mentioned habitats are idyllic for fish-eating birds, such as the Herons, which will be the focus point of this blog post. In which we will introduce you to the 3 most representative species of this clade.


Cocoi Heron – Photo: Wikipedia Commons

The Cocoi Heron is the most abundant Heron in the Madre de Dios river, and quite common as well on the oxbows Lakes that surround it. It is unmistakable due to its humongous size –it is the largest Heron in the Neotropics- , white-grayish coloration, and prominent yellow beak. It preys on medium-sized fishes on the banks of Rivers and Oxbow Lakes. Your best bet to see one is along the Madre de Dios River, but chances are you will at least a dozen before your trip with us is over.


Striated Heron – Photo: Bob Gress

The unmistakable king of the Oxbows Lakes is the medium-size Striated Heron. An average visit to any of our Oxbow Lakes produces a handful of sightings of this prolific species. Easy to identify to its black beak and black cap, this heron likes to sit on branches next to slow-moving or stationary waters, waiting for a tadpole or a small fish to swim by. Easy to spot on any of our Oxbow Lakes, although Blanco is your best bet to see a lot of them.


Agami Heron – Photo: Jess Findlay

Hands down the most beautiful Heron in the world, the Agami Heron is the rarest of the three mentioned in this blog post. This strikingly colored Heron inhabits the darkest corners of the Oxbow Lakes and meanders, and therefore is seldom seen. These Herons live and hunt alone, but when breading season comes to be, they all congregate in fascinating rookeries of up to a few hundred individuals! Your best bet to see this amazing species is along the vegetation-covered edges of Cocha Blanco.

If you wish to learn more about other species, please let us now in the comment section below. We will do our best to fulfill your needs. If you have any questions about our programs and itineraries, please contact us.

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