Kapok (Ceiba pentandra) –locally known as Lupuna- is a tree from the family of Malvaceae. These trees are characterised for the enormous size they reach when fully developed, growing over 150 feet (50 meters)!

Due to the fact that its wood is very buoyant, and easy to burn, it is one of first trees to be harvested or logged when explorers reach a new destination. A forest where Kapoks are still common is a truly untouched forest. Here, at Tambo Blanquillo Lodge, Kapoks are a common sight, with several dozens of them found within our private reserve. We even have a canopy tower that is carefully constructed, so we don’t hurt the tree, located on top of a 160 feet tall Kapok. This is the tallest canopy tower found in the Amazon! This platform gives the visitor a unique, and amazing experience of the forest canopy, a place with its own and unique community of animals and epiphytes. Cotingas, toucanets, Hawk-eagles, are bird species you seldom hear in the forest, but hardly ever see because of the dense foliage in the canopy. Our Canopy Tower allows for an amazing and unique sight of all these species, from a privileged and unique perspective.

In contrast to other canopy towers in the area, ours does not have a circular staircase. We carefully designed our so we have a series of mini-platforms every round of stairs, so tourists could stop every 3 meters, and admire the different communities of flora and fauna that live on each segment of the forest, and of course, this implementation provides much better opportunities than any other canopy tower. We even have a Great Potoo nesting in this very same tree! But don’t take our word for it, our Canopy Tower is our highest rated attraction in Tripadvisor!

Giving its amazing size, it produces a rather copious amount of flowers, which later develop into fruits. Both these structures are highly important to the ecosystem. Several species of moths, butterflies, bees, and even Hummingbirds feed on the nectar that these flowers produce.  A wide array of birds, including tanagers, cotingas, orioles, and even Guans feed on the fruits produced by the Kapok Tree, making our canopy tower truly a hotspot for birdwatchers!

If you wish to come, and explore this amazing ecosystem, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will do our best to create the perfect itinerary for you, and excel or your expectations.

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