Among favorable conditions, Tambo Blanquillo Manu Lodge and Private Reserve has specialized in designing, building, and operating environment-friendly facilities which offers visitors a front-row spot for a first-hand glimpse toward fauna in the wild.

With such aims, Tambo Blanquillo Manu Lodge & Private Reserve, has started the construction of a canopy walk. As of 2020, the treetop walkway will be free of extra charge for visitors making direct reservation of our programs.

Referential view of a rainforest canopy walk.

At 30 meters above ground level, sharpening telescopic aims and binoculars during this activity won’t be indispensable. Rising towards the canopy level, the elevated walkways situate yourself in the most suitable perspective for sightings.  The observation of mammals such as monkeys (primates like Wolly Monkeys, the Black Spider, cappuccine Monkeys, the Night monkey, Pygmy Marmoset, as well as the Howler Monkey specie) is accessible within human eyesight reach.

Bonding within the tree trunks, allows ecosystem foreigners to spot air born bird species like the crimson crested woodpecker, Rufous-fronted Antthrush, Spangled Cotinga, Musician Wren, Casqued Oropendola, Opal-crowned Tanager, harpy eagle, as well as red and green macaws.

Discovery of wild-life from above ground level is certainly a delicacy for rainforest visitors willing to experience nature in the highest definition.
Never will the crowded treetops of the Manu rainforest will be more accessible thanks to the installation of the new canopy walk in Tambo Blanquillo Manu Lodge and Private Reserve.

Get ready to enrich your observation experience and discover the marvels that the canopy layer has to offer in this spectacular show the rainforest displays at Manu National Park’s Private Reserve.

Referential view from the rainforest suspended bridges.Obtain further information about canopy walk directly at marketing@tamboblanquillo.com

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