In an industry devoted towards conserving and showcasing the Amazon basin’s natural wonders, we understand people play a major role in tailoring unforgettable memories.

No matter the quality of the nature attractions that we offer, the infrastructure or equipment we might have; people are key to long-term success of crafting wildlife destination experiences.

You can repair a bridge, fix a leaking bungalow, patch-up a broken boat, or even replace it, but one thing is sure, you can’t replace people and we have the best in the business.

More important than being the best, is that they, and we are family and we don’t cease or layout family even during challenging times.


Learn from the best jungle experts; seasoned, adventurous, and passionate about nature, our trusted guides are the optimal bridge into the Amazon and the mysteries harbored within the forest. Selected by their experience in the field, interest in learning, and personal talents, stay confident these tropical professionals are always keen to be on the field with a great attitude and care for our guests as much as for the environment.

Fernando Angulo Pratolongo

Time in the field: 30 years
Languages: Spanish/ English/ Some German

With a Master’s degree on conservation and highly passionate for birdwatching species of northern Peru, his team has had success in reintroducing the ‘Pava Aliblanca’ in the region of Lambayeque. He is also member of the Union of International Conservation for Nature & head investigator of CORBIDI.

Darwin Moscoso

Time in the Field: 28 years
Languages: Spanish/ English

Locally born and raised, Darwin knows these forests like the palm of his hand.  Eager birder and naturalist, he enjoys every minute of being in the wilderness. When Darwin is not guiding or organizing expeditions, he enjoys painting and making art from the footage and photos he takes during his trips.

José Alberto Felix

Time in the Field: 23 years
Languages: Spanish/ English

Biologist & guide, José enjoys visiting Manu’s ecosystems and always finds some time for recreational activities, especially fishing. José has passion for mammals, birds and reptiles.  

Nicolás Quinte

Time in the Field: 20 years
Languages: Quechua/ Spanish/ English

Deeply involved with his studies in Biology, Nicolás has worked on investigating coprophages, palm seeds and many other local species found in the region.  

Klaus Maceda

Time in The Field: 17 years
Languages: Spanish/ English

Birding enthusiast, Klaus enjoys being in the field as much as when he is birding. When he is not guiding, he is usually birdwatching and visiting new areas in search of new species.

Jose Luis Lescano

Time in the Field: 17 years
Languages: Spanish/ English

Former park ranger, Jose Luis is highly passionate for birdwatching.  When he is not guiding, Jose Luis is organizing birding trips or photographing birds.  He has first hand experience and studies on vipers of Peru.

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Carlos Seminario

Time in the field: 27 years
Languages:  Quechua/ Spanish/ English/ Italian

“Nothing can stop you from appreciating one of the best experiences the South American Tropical Forests have to offer”, says Carlos after seeing macaws ingest clay from the river edge at Tambo Blanquillo Private Nature Reserve’s Macaw Clay Lick.
Carlos has had the privilege to lead characters from around the globe such as Peruvian writer & Nobel Mario Vargas Llosa, the prince of Qatar, the queen of Netherlands and former UN secretary general Ban ki-moon. 
Whenever Carlos is not ushering a party, he usually likes to travel and dedicate his time to bird and fauna observation and nature photography.

Saturnino LLactahuamán

Time in the field: 17 years
Languages:  Quechua/ Spanish/ English

Growing up amongst birds and wildlife from an early age, Saturnino lives in constant fascination of the vast population of birds that call Manu their home. ‘Satu’ as friends call him, has gained a great experience over the years from his birding expeditions to several territories of Peru and Bolivia. Saturnino has taken part of investigation of macaws with Dr. Charles Munn at Proyecto Guacamayo in collaboration with Corbidi. Whenever he is not birding, you could find him teaching young guides and attending birding events that feed into his main enthusiasm in life: birds.


Roger Huamán

Time in the field: 17 years
Languages:  Ashaninka/Quechua/ Spanish/ English

Quechua speaking father and Ashaninka mother, Roger was born in the region of VRAEM and grew up amongst the typical jungle plantations of chocolate tree, coffee, bananas amongst other local products of the Peruvian Amazon. Being at Tambo Blanquillo Private Nature Reserve’s Observation tower inspires Roger “ Either in the morning or during the afternoon, each of these options are magical and unforgettable here because you can see different species of birds and mammals here, an ideal sight to use primary forest strategies for effective wildlife sighting, it is the best place for photography and birdwatching in the Peruvian Amazon…”.
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