The Pacific Alliance Tourism Roadshow in China was a good opportunity for the countries of México, Colombia, Perú and Chile to show the amazing people of China the culture and natural wonders that South America has to offer.

Every country was represented by 4 of their best local tourism operators, except for Perú which was represented by 4 local operators and 1 independent company: Tambo Blanquillo Lodge. The aim of the Roadshow was to unite the 4 representatives of each country with local operators for the 4 different cities (Hong Kong, Macau, Shanghai and Beijing), and show them everything Tambo Blanquillo Lodge and Manu National Park, have to offer!

We decided to attend the fair as the only private company, in order to be the face of Manu National Park, and promote the area to new markets. The beautiful scenery and fauna that the pristine rainforest of Manu National Park contains, amazed people in all of our interviews along the roadshow, and we made important alliances for future development of the ecotourism in Peru, and Tambo Blanquillo Lodge.

The aim was to offer Manu as a new alternative for people seeking adventures and wildlife. Tourist around the world have already gotten used to see the infamous Inca Trail and Machu Picchu, and while those attractions are amazing on their own, we offer new adventures, and untouched wilderness found nowhere else in the world. In the end, Manu National Park was declared as the most biodiverse place in the planet by UNESCO in 1987. Tambo Blanquillo Lodge currently is –and has been for over 10 years-  the front line of responsible entrepreneurs dedicated towards the conservation and promotion of this amazing area, in a way that generates income to the local families, to give future generations stable and legal jobs, avoiding the development of illegal logging and mining in the area.

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