We are happy to announce Tambo Blanquillo Manu Lodge & Private Reserve has been chosen once again as the #1 accommodation ranked sixth year in a row within the Manu National Park according to TripAdvisor users. For this reason, Tambo Blanquillo Lodge & Private reserve has been awarded the 2019 certificate of excellence by maintaining highest placing at the top of all accommodations in the amazon basin (Manu National Park).

Also known as the “Green Paradise”, by biologists, Manu National Park contains the best wild-life experience found in the Amazon.

With up to 9 primate species, 1300 different type of butterflies, 210 species of fish, 155 amphibians, 160 mammals, 132 reptiles, 300 species of ants and over more than 1000 different kinds of birds, Manu Reserve is one of the richest territories world-wide and perfect travel destiny for wild-life journeys.

At the shores of the Madre de Dios river, with an untouched territory of over 400 acres (988 hectares) of protected rainforest- currently undergoing a process of extension for conservational purposes consisting in additional 172,974 acres (70,000 hectares) within the vicinities of the private reserve itself- Tambo Blanquillo Private Reserve &  Manu Lodge, holds 3 oxbow lakes, a 70 meter- high observation tower, the most active bird & mammal clay-lick in the world, private cabins, and a vast camping site ideal for anybody who wishes to experience the rainforest at its wildest.

Think no more, and book for a once-in-a-life-time rainforest experience. Tambo Blanquillo Manu Lodge and Private Reserve is ready for you…are you?

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