The amazon is home of a vast amount of biodiversity supported by various ecosystems.  In each of these, there are always several dangers that face visitors, which is why preparation is key. 

Mosquito nets are required.  Basic layer of defense.

Our rainforest expeditions lead people into the heart of the rainforest on an adventure that consequently expose them to its raw nature.

Even though Manu is not in any way a dense human populated zone, it represents a low risk location of getting mosquito transmitted diseases.  However, due to the presence of mosquito’s (vector) we recommend purchasing an effective time-release repellent and wearing long sleeves (shirts and trousers) at all times.  Covering up wisely (in loose layers) is the most comfortable way when being at a heated environment guarding your skin from any bug bite and sometimes sweating too much.

In terms of what type of repellent to buy, we recommend purchasing Sawyers which has low deet-levels and some that are with less dangerous component called permethrin.

Vectors come in all shapes and sizes.  Most of the time, these will un detected until being stung. General sanitary and safety standards are usually not as high as those in Europe.
Even though public health facilities are available, rural ones are usually only rudimentary.  It is essential that you take a fully comprehensive insurance before travelling.

Pharmacies in Peru are well stocked with most products like antibiotics which can be bought over counter.  In case of an emergency, the lodges staff is instructed to use the well-equipped first-aid kid.

All the vaccinations that you need for Manu are available in your local health care center. Manu is not a malaria area, but Yellow-fever vaccination shots are recommendable.
Be smart before organizing your trip into the tropics. Remember forests host the wildest creatures on earth!

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